Monday, June 06, 2005

Don't miss Rebecca's response to a Middle of the Roader

Maggie and Sumner are here. We're hoping to run to Tower at midnight and pick up the latest from Coldplay and White Stripes.

So here we are, just relaxing. Maggie's goofing around and doing windmills while the Who blasts from the speakers. And Rebecca calls me up.

She has a mammoth entry at her site. You should check it out.

As someone who's reviewed music since December, I've gotten my share of hate e-mail and I've certainly gotten my share of bully boys who want to tell me how to review.

That sort of crap just grates on my nerves.

Good for Rebecca for saying, "You know what, I don't have to do what you say."

I hadn't planned to post anything tonight. But then Rebecca called and I read her essay (that's the only word for it) and thought, "I got your back, Becky."

Also, Shirley e-mailed me to suggest that I note the 10 CDs, 10 Minutes piece in The Third Estate Sunday Review because I participated in it. This isn't a review, we're just noting some quick thoughts on CDs.

Keep it groovy, folks. I may post some thoughts (not a review) on Coldplay or White Stripes tomorrow.