Friday, September 09, 2005

No Greg Dulli

I'm feeling kind of lazy today and going out shortly. But I wanted to lay something on everyone so gather round.

Labor Day I wrote this:

C.I. also put me wise to an item in The New York Times' "Arts, Briefly" by Grant James Varjas, "New CD's This Week."
1) Rolling Stones' A Bigger Bang.
2) Sarah McLachlan's Bloom.
3) Joan Baez's Bowery Songs.
4) Greg Dulli Amber Highlights.
5) Alison Moyet's Voice.
6) Idlewind's Warnings/Promises.
7) North Mississippi Allstars' Electric Blue Watermelon.

Now here's the deal. I told you I'd pick up Greg Dulli and listen to it so you'd know if he'd gone limp or was still swinging a stiff one.

That was my plan. I didn't do it. I didn't buy it on Tuesday like I promised to.

"B-b-but Kat, you promised!"

Hey kids, I tried. Believe me, I tried.

I wanted nothing more than to hear Dulli.

Here's what stopped me.

Despite what The New York Times tells you, the album didn't come out Tuesday.

The albums out in a manner of speaking.

You can buy it at Greg Dulli's concerts. Have been able to buy it there since at least September.

When I asked for it at Tower, they looked at me like I was crazy. Then they went into their computers and no Dulli release. I went to last night. You can check right here. They sell used copies (one). Or you can read a review of it from Sept. 7, 2004 here. So here's the thing, The New York Times WAS WRONG.

The album didn't come out. It's not coming out. It shouldn't be listed in the article but for some reason it is. It is an ERROR. It is an ERROR on the part of The New York Times.

They need to do a CORRECTION.

Now their arts coverage sucks. But on something as simple as an album coming out, when they're surely working off a list and other material on new releases given to them by A&R folks from the labels, you'd think they could at least get something as basic as a release date correct.
They couldn't.

They need to do a correction.

I did review Joan Baez's latest album, like I said I would. It's called "Kat's Korner: Joan Baez Bringing It All Back Home on Bowery Songs" and I think you'll like the review but I think you'll like the album even more. I'll post the review here later.