Wednesday, October 05, 2005

This & That

First, welcome to Seth of Seth in the City. He started last week. I took last week off until Friday. I wrote about DC Friday, wrote about a number of things and wrote a welcoming note to Seth. Blogger lost the post and I was too depressed to come back in and try again. He's on the blogroll now so check him out and make him feel welcome.

Listening to: Sinead O'Connor's new CD, Fiona Apple's new CD, Rolling Stones' A Bigger Bang, Stevie Wonder's Talking Book and Joni Mitchell's Court & Spark.

What am I reading? How about Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts from yesterday entitled "Celibacy in the City" which is hilarious. I think it's perfect. I love Mary Cheney's looks on her face, I love Condi's being Condi ("a coup") and Harrie is a perfect low-rent version of Sex in the City's Carrie. Even the voice overs are perfect.

Another who has me laughing is the wonderful Betty with her latest "The Lies That Thomas Friedman Tells" about a trip to Jersey with her husband Friedman.

And more tales of Todd S. Purdum and his smelly jock from C.I. yesterday will also make you laugh. So grab those to get some laughs in. We all need them.