Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The "Little Lady of the Senate"

So the hearings. What did I think?

Like Rebecca, I'm still amazed NPR doesn't think they're important enought to air live. But that's why I don't listen to NPR. They really have nothing to say to me. Cokie Roberts? I avoided her for years on ABC and NPR and my life's been much richer for it. The bumper music? Well when Muzak died as a radio format, I guess someone needed to find a place for it.
Those voices where everyone speaks the same and sounds the same? I never wanted to live in Stepford, so pass.

But you can hear the hearings on Pacifica "gavel to gavel."

What did I hear today?

Some life. I'd like to hear more of it. Today was almost robust. After yesterday's comatose hearings, there was suddenly some life in the hearings.

The biggest disappointment? The Republicans, of course. John Cornyn? He just loves the sound of his own voice. Can someone teach him to pronounce Holocaust? It's not "HO" (as in "Ho-Ho-HO") "LOW" "COST."

This is not a new word. Nor is it a "Texan" way to pronounce it. I have two friends who grew up in Texas. They know how to say the word. I called them at three to ask is this something that everyone who grew up in Texas says but they learned after they left? I was told not "no" but "Hell no!" John Cornyn is an idiot.

This is a historical event that everyone should know about. That includes knowing how to say the word. Since he doesn't know how to say words, you'd think he'd be embarrassed to go on and on. But he's not. He just can't shut up. And he has this tendency to try to speak for the country. "I'm sure everyone . . ."

Hey bud, don't speak for those of us who don't say "HO" "LOW" "COST." It's like they dropped a pallet on his head at some Super Wal-Mart.

Is Tom Cockburn the one trying to sound like Cher? Everytime he speaks, if it's him, he's got that natural tear in his voice that works for Cher when she's singing the sad songs but I don't think he's strutting around in fishnet stockings and high heels. I could be wrong.

Biggest disappointment on the other side of the aisle?

Diane Feinstein. Rebecca and I were on the phone off and on all day. She has a great take on Lindsey Graham and I hope she write about it tonight. We were riffing and bouncing jokes off one another on Diane Feinstein.

The thing that made her laugh the most was when I said Feinstein seemed determine to become the "Little Lady of the Senate." It's as though she walks in, takes off her gardening gloves, pulls off her bonnet, fluffs her hair and is then ready to waste everyone's time. Rebecca had the perfect example and she better write about it. Me? I just groan everytime she speaks.

For those who wonder, that's not who we elected in 1992. We elected a feisty fighter who could stand her own ground. I have no idea what's become of that woman but in her place we get the "Little Lady of the Senate." It's probably for the best that she didn't participate in the recall race for governor. She's pissed off a lot of people in this state (California) by being pro-war. Between that and her "Little Lady of the Senate" routine, I don't think she could have been elected.

The way she acts these days, she couldn't win her seat if it weren't for the fact that she's already an incumbent. To win it as a non-incumbent, she's have to be scrappy again. But she honestly reminds me of the Faye Dunaway character from The Handmaid's Tale.

I talked to C.I. today for about five minutes. I'd wanted to call after I read the thing summarizing how badly the Democrats were blowing it but I know C.I.'s pushed to the limit. So when I got a call, I was surprised, happily, and made a point to say "Thank you!" for writing about how the Democrats were blowing it. I don't think given them false pats on the back helps them get any stronger.

C.I. wondered what my take on it was? I thought we saw life. Even Kohl showed a little life. The only big disappointment on the Democratic side was the Little Lady of the Senate.
Here's something that's not a disappointment in any way, shape or form, "Ty's Point of View."
Ty wrote an excellent commentary. That's what I wanted to mention last time. If you haven't read it, please do. I asked Ty if he felt any better about it now? (C.I. had to talk him into sharing it with everyone and C.I. led the charge on including it because Ty really wasn't sure if it was any good.) There's been a lot of positive feedback on it so Ty think it might be "okay."

It's so much more than that. Read it.

It's almost time for the roundtable Gina and Krista are doing. Shout outs to Gina and Krista who've done an incredible job all week. Their round-robins have been packed with strong writing. And let me shout out to Ruth as well who did another wonderful Ruth's Morning Edition Report Tuesday.