Saturday, January 28, 2006

RadioNation with Laura Flanders: student activists who turned their backs on Alberto Gonzales and much more!

Now I just posted at The Common Ills. Before I repost that here, I want to note that "I'm tired" doesn't cut it for being inactive on Alito. I had a much longer point in the original post for The Common Ills but then I thought, "C.I. will have a problem with this."

But the truth is, C.I.'s not had any damn down time. Maybe flying to and from DC on Tuesday counts as down time to you? Or pouring over the Church Committee report on Wednesday night qualifies as down time? I don't.

C.I. was in DC for all of the Alito hearings, was that down time? We were all working on The Third Estate Sunday Review. C.I. was on the phone with us and mentioned "just wanting to listen to some CDs." C.I.'s pulling a stack and notices that Cass Elliot's Solo Collection is missing the first disc and isn't too pleased about that. But whatever. Then C.I. pulls Michelle Phillips' Victim of Romance and is furious to find that the disc isn't inside. C.I. put us on hold for an hour to track down that disc. C.I. was furious. Jess got it and I got it too.

When you've given everything and you just want to hear something, when you're finally home, you expect it to damn well be there. That it wasn't there was the ultimate last straw.

That was before the fight began to force senators to stand up and do their damn jobs. As part of that, C.I. was on the road last weekend speaking to groups and is back on the road again this weekend. So I really don't want to hear from anyone that they've done all they can. C.I. hasn't taken that approach. C.I.'s not saying, "You know I've done everything I can, I think I'll just sit by the pool today and relax." And you shouldn't either.

That's not a slap down to Rebecca. She and her ex-husband planned a getaway for two weekends ago and ended up cancelling it. They had it rescheduled for this weekend. And when they rescheduled it, as well as when they left Friday, Rebecca had no idea that Bill Frist would be pushing for the vote on Monday.

On the phone this afternoon, Rebecca told me she was furious when she found out and then asked herself what she could do where she is? She could get the word out. A lot of people are vacationing and that's a group that might not be hearing about Alito otherwise and how important it is to demand a filibuster.

Rebecca's doing her part and where ever you are, you can do your part too. Get off your butts, dig deep for more energy and get motivated.

Here's my post:

Kat here. It's Saturday so what do you think I'm about to write about? Abby Road? Well you're wrong -- although it would be a great topic. On Saturday's we have an equal worthy topic: RadioNation with Laura Flanders. So did you listen last weekend? If you did, you had Robert Redford sharing his thoughts on the administration impeachment. What did he say on that?
Well you should have listened, now shouldn't you?
B-b-b-but Kat, I was busy!
Well then you missed it. But you can go to
RadioNation with Laura Flanders and listen to last Saturday's show. And instead of wondering what you might miss out on this weekend, you can listen to RadioNation with Laura Flanders.
Here's what's coming up today and Sunday:

RadioNation with Laura Flanders
Are you fired up enough that you want to run for office?
Saturdays & Sundays, 7-10pm ET on Air America Radio
With the Alito hearings fresh in our minds, we'll talk to the folks from Wellstone Action who are in New York to train candidates in the style of the late Paul Wellstone. We'll take stock of the culture wars with author Chris Willman -- author of 'Rednecks and Bluenecks' -- and Leonard Steinhorn, whose defense of the baby boom legacy defies those who claim conservatism is on the rise. Plus the law students who turned their backs on the Attorney General, our journalists roundtable, and a live report from the World Social Forum.
It's all on RadioNation with Laura Flanders this weekend on Air America Radio.

You can listen to
RadioNation with Laura Flanders over the traditional airwaves, via XM satellite, via podcasting or via online streaming. So check it out. You know you want to and you know you're dying to hear from the students who turned their backs on Gonzales. Good for them.
And check out this from

Support the Filibuster - Defeat Alito
After all your calls, emails and action, two senators are taking the lead in defeating ultra-conservative Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito. Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass) are organizing the filibuster of Judge Alito and they need the support of 39 other senators in order to block a straight up or down vote.
Please make as many phone calls as you can before Monday at 4:30pm, when Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist will call for a vote to end debate on Alito. Of the self-proclaimed women's rights supporters in the Senate, more are announcing public support for the filibuster every hour. Hillary Clinton and Dianne Feinstein have just signed on in support, and more of those who have offered private support need to give it publicly. Others are on the fence, and need to hear from us that their support for women's rights is hollow unless they back the filibuster and vote NO on cloture.
NOW has put together a
list of senators (self-described women's rights supporters) who need our firm encouragement to come out publicly and join the filibuster (and some, like Chafee and Snowe, haven't even said they'll vote NO on the nomination!).
Remember, without a filibuster, Judge Alito WILL be confirmed. In a straight up or down vote, we need 51 "NO" votes to defeat Alito, but in a filibuster, we need only 41 votes to block Frist's effort to end debate.
We've asked for a lot from you over the last few months, and together we've made great progress--just a week ago a filibuster seemed out of the question! Now that we've come this close, we need your help with this final push. If Judge Alito takes a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court--replacing Justice Sandra Day O'Connor--all of our hard-fought rights are in danger.
Please call one or more of the Senators below, especially if you live in their state (click on the Senator's name for district office numbers). Please share this alert widely and ask friends to join the fight!

Senators to call (list as of 1/27/06 4:30pm) - an updated list is available on our website:
Mark Pryor (D- AR)
Blanche Lambert Lincoln (D- AR)
Ken Salazar (D- CO)
Joseph I. Lieberman (D- CT)
Thomas R. Carper (D- DE)
Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (D- DE)
Bill Nelson (D- FL)
Daniel K. Akaka (D- HI)
Daniel K. Inouye (D- HI)
Tom Harkin (D- IA)
Barack Obama (D- IL)
Evan Bayh (D- IN)
Barbara A. Mikulski (D- MD)
Carl Levin (D- MI)
Mark Dayton (D- MN)
Max Baucus (D- MT)
Byron L. Dorgan (D- ND)
Robert Menendez (D- NJ)
Frank Lautenberg (D- NJ)
Jeff Bingaman (D- NM)
Charles Schumer (D- NY)
Lincoln D. Chafee (R- RI)
Patrick J. Leahy (D- VT)
Maria Cantwell (D- WA)
Patty Murray (D- WA)
Herb Kohl (D- WI)
John D. Rockefeller, IV (D- WV)
Support NOW's Work for Equal Rights Join NOW Shop Online Member Benefits
LEARN MORE: NOW News Releases
Get Involved Legislative Action Center Find Your Nearest Chapter Tell a Friend

The New York Times, the paper of clampdown, tells you Alito's confirmation/coronation is a "done deal." But like C.I. noted this week, they told you it was a "done deal" after the hearings. They were predicting an easy ride to confirmation. Then a no movement came along thanks to people standing up and now we've got a chance at a filibuster. We're working for the filibuster. A "no" vote without it is meaningless. Call and tell them you want a filibuster. Order some fries with it, if you'd like, but let them know you want a filibuster.
I know in this community, we worked really hard. We need to do it again. So get the word out and Monday, make the senators hear you. We can do this. Look how far we've gotten on this already! Quitters and clampdown artists told us two weekends ago that there's no way we'd get this far. But we did. Let's work to take this further. Do your part. I'm doing my part and guess who's on the road, and away from home, for the how many weekend in a row? Guess who's tired and didn't get the down time the rest of us grabbed but is speaking to college groups all weekend? So let's not fall back on, "I've already done my part." Democracy is an ongoing process. While
C.I.'s on campuses, Rebecca's on the weekend getaway she postponed. Is she letting this issue die? No, she's not. She called me this afternoon to say that vacationers are hearing about it from her. And where will she be on Monday? Back at her friend's hair salon, with her cell phone, and she'll be encouraging women to let senators hear from them while her friend's going to offer, again, half-prices for every woman that calls while waiting to have their hair or nails done. So do your part by making your own calls, do your part by getting the word out and do your part by getting creative and finding other ways to get the word out and get people motivated.
And listen to Laura!

And note this, Betty filled in for Rebecca (at Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude) last night. She wrote a great post, so read "Betty here, weighing in on Alito and the Democratic Party."