Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lost post

So Blogger/Blogspot screwed me up. I had a post. They screwed me over. Please do "investigate" the problem. And "investigate" it on Betty's end too. I'm angry and pissed. I thought Betty was about to cry.

If you're a community member, don't give Betty one minute of flack over this crap. She worked all night on an entry. She called me a few hours ago to read what she had so far. Now it's all gone. "Recover post" is an option on the screen. I tried it, didn't work. No surprise, it didn't work for Betty either.

She busts her butt to post to her site. She's got three kids, she's raising them by herself and when she can make time to do a post, she doesn't need this crap. No one does, but especially not Betty. She's got work tomorrow. (I'm freelance and my own boss.) She's got to get her kids up, get them their breakfast, drop them off at day care (except for the oldest who goes to school) and then go to work. She's got no time for this nonsense. This is utter crap. Blogger/Blogspot needs to get it's act together. I called C.I. and was screaming about this nonsense.

I didn't even realize I was screaming until about three minutes into the conversation. (Sorry about that, C.I.) I'm ticked off. I'm ticked off because I'm not going to recreate my whole entry all over again and I worked about an hour on it. I'm more ticked off because Betty has no time now until Thursday to post. She already feels like everyone thinks she just blows her site off (I know no member of the community who thinks that). Her sister came over and took the kids for a few hours tonight so Betty could have some quiet time to write. When her sister brought the kids back, it was get them bathed, get them in bed. Then, and she's tired, she's had a long day, back to the computer to try to finish the post she was working on. All that time she put into it and the whole thing is lost.

Two things I'll note here before I post this sorry excuse for a post.

1) My latest review is up "Kat's Korner: Cat Power's Greatness."

2) KPFA tomorrow:

Wednesday at 12:00 pm (Pacific Time)
Against the Grain
Iraq veteran and conscientious objector Aidan Delgado, whose unit was stationed at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison outside of Baghdad, talks about why he opposes the US occupation.
For resources and further information about topics covered on Against the Grain visit:

If you can't listen to KPFA on the radio you can use the link to listen online.

I saved this entry first (though Betty saved repeatedly and it did her no good). I'm doing the tags now but just FYI, the part below (before the tags), it was typed above the announcement.
I'm not fixing it. But so you can get the flow, it's where I was talking about what happened to Betty:

That's not right. They need to get their crap together. As soon as I tried to post and lost my whole entry, I called Betty (we've been on the phone reading stuff our entries to each other) to warn her "Do not post right now!" But she'd tried before I called and lost everything.

I am so mad. Hearing her voice and knowing how upsetting this was to her just pisses me off.
No one thinks she's a slacker. They probably think I am but I don't give a damn. But she's going to feel guilty about this all night and all day tomorrow and until she can grab time on Thursday to write her latest. This is crap. Blogger/Blogspot needs to get their act together.

This happened with everything at The Third Estate Sunday Review. That's why we didn't finish the editorial forever. And the final thing that the rest of them do (Third proper) went up at 2:00 pm my time (5:00 pm there time). It was noon when we started Saturday. We worked straight through. We started early so we could all get some real sleep. Didn't happen.

That's nonsense.