Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Help stop the Bully Boy's blood lust

The illustration is "The Year 2005: Bully Boy Exposed" by Isaiah.

Bully Boy's got the blood lust. If that's not obvious to you by now, ring-ring, clue phone, line one.

In my state, 240 residents have given their lives for Bully Boy's illegal war in Iraq. How many lives has your state given? You can check by state here.

The official count, take that for what it's worth, right now stands at 2311. That's the number for American troops who have died in Iraq, the official number. Which doesn't include those who were air lifted out and died elsewhere.

So we're coming up on the third anniversary of the invasion. Three years and no end in sight.
Bully Boy can't let go of his blood lust. He's like a vampire. But instead of feeding off his own brood, he wants to feed off the children of America. How long are we going to let him get away with that?

I think there's no excuse, after three years, to be on the fence about this illegal war. After three years, you should have an opinion and you should be able to share it.

There's really no excuse for not doing so.

If it weren't for the peace movement in the sixties and early seventies, we wouldn't have left Vietnam when we did. So with this weekend coming up, you can wonder what if, or you can get out there and participate.

One protest, one rally, won't end the war.

That's not the point. You have to demonstrate because it lets people know where you stand. It gives other people the courage to speak out. Each demonstration helps the cause a little more.
And if we come together for peace, the war will end sooner. If we continue to increase our numbers and continue to make our voices heard, we can put an end to the occupation.

Silence isn't an answer and it isn't an option.

Counting on big media? Oh get real -- and read "The war coverage (and lack of it)."

I believe I noted Mike's "Guantanamo, Spying and why it's important to get the word out" this weekend but I'll note it again because we need to get the word out. And we need to do in terms of END THE WAR BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW. We also need to do it in terms of our independent media. I listen on the radio to KPFA's Evening News and it never fails to inform me.

I think if you're a member of The Common Ills community, you know of Democracy Now! You should at any rate. But you need to be using that and finding other indpendent media as well and you need to be sharing it with your friends.

Big media failed us and it continues to fail us. I'll give you an example of one item I learned on tonight's KPFA Evening News: Bully Boy changed the rules. Again. This time on gays and lesbians in government being eligable for a security clearance. Under Bill Clinton it was stated that their sexual orientation couldn't be used against them. Now the rule is that it can't be the sole reason for denying a security clearance. Can't be the sole reason implies that it can be one reason and don't kid yourself otherwise.

Here's something else I learned, 87 bodies were found in Iraq. Some apparnetly were gagged, bound and tortured. There's another driving ban in Iraq.

What did you learn from your news provider this evening? A hold up, a mugging, a drive by?
Ever feel like TV news exists solely to scare the hell out of you? Doesn't seem to exist to provide you with anything that could inform you or help you make your life better, does it?

Hopefully, you have a news provider that provides you with real news. Be sure to get the word out on that. And get the word out that you are opposed to the occupation of Iraq. Bully Boy's tanking, there's no reason to be scared at this late date.

New Poll: 36% Approve Bush; 60% Say War is Going Badly
Bush made the announcement during a speech that launched a new public relations campaign to win greater support for the war in Iraq and his presidency. The latest USA Today/CNN poll shows the president's approval rating is at just 36 percent. And 60 percent of the country says the war in Iraq is going badly.

That's from Democracy Now! and here's another item, same source:

Mass Student Protests Continue In France
In France, student demonstrations are continuing throughout the country to protest a new employment law that will make it easier for companies to fire young workers. On Monday, hundreds of university students stormed the College de France in the Latin Quarter of Paris. Students hurled stones and cans at the police who responded with tear gas. Nearby the elite Sorbonne University remains closed. Over the weekend police raided the school to force out several hundred protesters who had taken over buildings. Sorbonne was the center of the May 1968 student uprising. Agence France Press reports student strikes are taking place at more than 40 universities across the country. More street demonstrations are planned for today.

The students in France make themselves heard (and then some). It's time for everyone opposed to the war to have the guts to say so. Publicly.

I was on the phone before I started this, on the phone with Rebecca. Make a point to check out Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude because she had a lot ot say on how Dems won't stand up for Russ Feingold. Also Betty has a new chapter entitled "First Among Fools." Check it out. Most important, use your voice, help stop the Bully Boy's blood lust.