Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Guns and Butter, tomorrow (Weds) KPFA 1:00 pm (Pacific)

If you missed it, Neil Young has a new album ready to go. If they release it as is, he'll have a song about impeaching the Bully Boy. Hopefully, you've also heard Pink's "Dear Mr. President." (Am I wrong or didn't 4 Non Blondes do a different song by the same name?)

I've been working on getting ready to write (that's always the biggest hurdle) the review of Ben Haper's Both Sides of the Gun and also working on an art project that's important both because of the focus and because of the fact that it's bill money for the next few months. Between that and activism, there's not been a great deal of time. Add in that everytime it sprinkles, forget rains, just sprinkles, I go running for the window and stare out entranced. If there's ever a flood, I'll be the first to die because I'll be entraced by the water. (Which may have something to do with my astrology sign.)

Shawn e-mailed wondering if I didn't like Harper's CDs and that was why I hadn't written it yet? I love them. I love them too much. I still haven't listened to the third CD (the bonus one) because I keep playing the other two. (They're on right now in fact.)

But bills are the thing that keep us planted firmly on earth with a heel on our backs if not our heads. And last week was hanging out and activism so I got nothing accomplished on it. I did show it to Betty and her children. Betty gave me some really strong input and I'll incorporate at least one suggestion. (Thank you, Betty.) But that's got to be a focus or there's no food on the table, no point in switching on the light switch, et al.

I could be writing it right now but then I wouldn't be writing here. Trade offs.

On KPFA tomorrow, Guns and Butter airs. So don't forget to catch it. Also, I'm reading Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal. (We're hoping to do something on that this weekend at The Third Estate Sunday Review. I should already be done with it but I'm behind on everything.) It's a book worth reading.

And here are the details on the Guns and Butter benefit next month:

May 2nd (Tuesday)
7:00 pm
Grand Lake Theater
3200 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA
(510) 704-0268

Let me add two more things, read Ava and C.I.'s "TV: Katie Was a Cheerleader" (must read) and check out Wally's site. The Daily Jot always makes me laugh. (Cedric's supposed to post tonight, so check him out as well.)