Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Guns & Butter airs tomorrow; The Free Design, Ani DiFranco, Pink, Josh Ritter

Reminder, tomorrow (Wednesday) on KPFA at one o'clock in the afternoon (Pacific Time), Guns and Butter -- so if you already listen, remember to. If you don't, think about checking it out.

I've got a question or request in an e-mail. Free Design. The Free Design, actually. Do most of you know the group? I was asked if I'd consider reviewing it (by Joan). I actually have two of their albums (one on vinyl, one on CD). I know the group, they recorded in the lates sixties and early seventies. I don't have a problem with reviewing them. But I do have some other reviews I'd like to work on. (Josh Ritter being one.) But when I was reading Joan's e-mail, I thought of how easily I could write that review. Not a lot of thought since I know their stuff (and have, on CD, the album Joan wanted me to consider reviewing) and I'm pretty sure what angle I'd take on it.

But, here's the thing. I can work on Ritter this week (which means thinking -- I write these things at the last minute only after I've tossed them around in my head for days -- sometimes I'll get a sentence when I'm dreaming, wake up and write it down, but mostly I don't really write until I sit down to). If I do that, I might have it done by next week. Or I could work on The Free Design and have it done within a week. That would push Ritter back.

There have been two requests for Pink's I'm Not Dead. I haven't listened yet but I did go out and buy it today. I was planning to make Ani DiFranco's new concert CD my next review. But Saturday night/Sunday morning, we were short on stuff so I suggested The Third Estate Sunday Review grab it which they did ("CD Review: Ani DiFranco's Carnegie Hall .4.6.02"). That's a group review and I'm not sure I have any additional points to make on it so that may be end of story in terms of a review. (Though I may note a few tracks from it here.)

But if you've got an opinion on my reviewing The Free Design, let me know.

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