Thursday, May 04, 2006

Quick post

This is a quick post and only up because I haven't posted anything all week. I've been working on the five CD reviews. I'd planned to post last night (briefly) but was surprised with a party. It was a complete surprise with no one dropping hints.

I know some people like surprise parties as long as they aren't surprised. I really enjoy being surprised. (How else could I root for the economy!) So it was a really nice thing to do and thank you to everyone who put it together and attended.

KPFA's Guns and Butter Wednesday addressed the topics of Iraq and Iran. Can we stop the war on the Iran? There's actually a chance we may be able to. Listen to the show. (I'll write about it more in depth next time I blog -- hopefully tomorrow, but possibly Saturday.)

I have finished the review of The Free Design. That was actually the easiest one to complete. I'm almost done with Pink's. The other three? You'll have to wait and see.