Wednesday, November 08, 2006

the never ending beta switch on blogger/blogspot (rebecca)

rebecca here. i made a huge mistake tonight. i logged in over 2 hours ago to my site and was offered the chance to switch my site to 'beta mode.' i figured, 'what the hell?'

blogger/blogspot will be switching all sites to beta mode in the next few weeks. i figured i'd be the test site for the community.

this is the message i got over 2 hours ago:

Switching to the new Blogger
Your blogs are being moved to the new version of Blogger. For some blogs, this may take a little while, so we’ll email you at your Google Account email address,, when the process is done. Thanks for your patience.

the switch continues. over 2 hours later, the switch continues. 'take a little while'? to me that says 5 to 15 minutes. over 2 hours is not 'a little while.'

but blogger/blogspot is a pain in the ass so why should tonight be any different?

if any 1 reading this has a site, my advice to you is this: when you switch to beta, do it when you can spare a block of time, not when you're about to blog.

i really assumed i could blog tonight. it's past 11:00 p.m. right now. if i hadn't come over here, i wouldn't be blogging at all. ruth got the same message to switch when she logged into kat's site tonight and she phoned me to ask what to do?

i told her, 'don't do it, ruth.'

i explained that i've been waiting and waiting.

i keep checking my e-mail account to see if they've sent an e-mail?


knowing blogger/blogger, i assumed it might be done and they're just late with the e-mail. so i tried logging in. the switch is still going on.

i don't blog that often. i mean, i do 5 times a week and i do post illustrations for third. but it's not like i have over 3,000 posts the way c.i. does. i can't imagine how long it will take when c.i. switches the common ills to beta. in fact, i'll call c.i. and suggest it take place on a saturday morning after the morning entry or entries go up so that it can run (the switch) all day saturday.
it may take that long. my blog's not even 2 years old. my entries aren't essays. just jottings.

if it's taking over 2 hours to move my site, any 1 with blogger/blogspot that has more posts than i do should be prepared to give it several hours. and blogger/blogspot keeps going out as i'm typing, so i should wrap up.

dems have control in the senate. jim webb's race was the 1 every 1 was waiting on. what will they do with it?

doesn't seem like much to hear all the talk. you come in with an agenda of programs or you achieve nothing. as the days drift by, what you don't achieve becomes a liability. they've got some vague thing on immigration reform (which, the way it's worded, seems scary to any 1 who's not in agreement with bully boy on building an insane fence between the u.s. and mexico) and they'll chat with bully boy and they're going to address the minimum wage.

the minimum wage needs to raised. it needed that for what, 10 years?

these are visionary programs?

it's band aids.

i'm not impressed.

on flashpoints tonight, alice walker spoke elequently (no surprise) and i was thinking, 'okay, i'm going to be able to get into my site, remember what she's saying!'

that was too long ago. i can't remember now. anthony arnove spoke of how history is hidden from us, elected officials don't bring about change and some other topics.

as c.i. noted earlier this week:

Zinn and Anthony Arnove's Voices of a People's History of the United States will be presented this Thursday at 7:30 pm, Berkeley Community Theatre (1930 Allston Way) and participants will include Alice Walker, Mos Def and others.

walker and arnove will be there reading. there will also be performances (including 1 of the song 'strange fruit').

feminist majority has a great set up
for tracking the elections results so please check that out.

please check out c.i.'s 'iraq snapshot.' i'd love to copy and paste it but i don't think i can. there's not time and kat's site is acting up. joni mitchell has a new album coming out soon, she's addressing the state of the world. that, not the election results, gives me hope.