Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wake up, 4,000 are dead

Dona just called and said, "I'll write something up for you if you want?" I was asleep but when she explained that the number 4,000 had been reached, I told her I'd make some coffee, get up and write something.

I can remember when no one was supposed to die in the 'cakewalk.' When the US military would be 'greeted as heroes.'

Most of all, I can remember when I believed the LIARS who said they wanted to end the illegal war.

I think it's actually a gift that they've revealed themselves to be nothing but PIMPS for Obama. No one ever has to believe again that they care about ending the illegal war. No one has to ever again believe any of their lies.

4,000 are dead and that's a huge price to pay for waking up. But if we wake up, maybe we'll all get to work on ending the illegal war and not buy into the LIES that Obama is ever going to end the illegal war. He's not going to and he's taken all the oxygen out of the room as Panhandle Media has worked overtime into turning him into the Saint Who Will Save Us All.

He won't. He'll only bring us more wars and more dead. Fight the Hype. Wake up. End the illegal war.