Saturday, January 14, 2012

2 new music pieces

adam 5

That's Adam Levine from this Maroon Five video.  I had a number of e-mails about my year-in-review and was talking to C.I. about it, laughing and joking about how I almost wrote a reply about anal sex.  C.I. said, "You've got to do that!!!"

She said it would be so funny and that it would also give new life to the song ("Moves Like Jagger") which has been on the radio for months now.  So I said I would and said I also needed to review a new album by ____.  I said, I'd write the Levine piece and that would be it.

I'd be too tired and I'd feel like I already did one so who needs the other . . .

C.I. said the way to fix that was to write them both at the same time.

So I did that, on the computer, no longhand this time, flipping from screen to screen. 

I couldn't have done it without encouragement from C.I.  She was the best audience.  I'd read off something to her and she'd laugh and say, "You've got to keep that."  Or I'd try something out and she'd say, "Put it in!"

So the Adam piece will go up tonight (in about an hour -- C.I.'s about to start her two entries).  And the album review will go up either early Sunday or Monday.  I need an illustration for it.  I've already got an illustration for the Adam piece (five actually, including the above).  So look for those at The Common Ills.