The War Resisters League, a national secular pacifist organization, is celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2013. Since 1923, WRL members, supporters, and staff have been organizing and engaging in a wide variety of nonviolent activities to promote world peace and social and economic justice. WRL’s current activities are described on its website:

To commemorate this very special anniversary, WR: are hosting a new website, I Choose Peace ( On it, people can produce and upload a short video to share their stories about how, when, and where they specifically chose peace.

Please take a look at the website.  You will notice, on the front page, a group of circles with photographs of various people.  Click on them to see their videos. For example, when you click on Martin Sheen (, you can hear his moving account of his involvement with Daniel Berrigan and what it has meant to his life.  You might also want to click on the Shout Out button ( to see the first few videos the site has inspired.

We hope that soon there will be more, and that you will consider being part of this (