Sunday, November 22, 2015

Carly Simon coverage

"Kat's Korner: Carly's Songs From The Trees" went up a little bit ago, it's my review of Carly Simon's new collection SONGS FROM THE TREES.

Time permitting, I'll have one more  review today (probably late tonight).

I'd love to have three but I just don't see that happening.

But by this time next week, my Carly review will be one of three that I've done.

On the right are links.  A little way down are links to my reviews.

Whenever I do a review, I always get e-mails asking what else I've reviewed by this or that artist?

So you can go to the links for all the ones I've reviewed but I will note Carly:

Carly Simon's Songs From The Trees

Carly Simon The Bedroom Tapes

Carly Simon Original Album Series

2009 in Music

Carly Simon Never Been Gone

2008 in Music

Carly Simon This Kind Of Love

2007 in Music

Carly Simon Into White

Carly Simon Moonlight Serenade

Carly Simon No Secrets

If Carly made my year-in-review piece, I've included that.

I've reviewed Carly more than any other artist in part because she's one of my all time favorites.

She really is one of the most amazing American songwriters.

I really love the new collection.

And remember that Carly's memoir BOYS IN THE TREES comes out Tuesday.

Closing with C.I.'s "