Thursday, August 10, 2017

Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks.

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    Stevie Nicks - her HAIR - Rhiannon - a total Gemini - white winged doves are her spirit animal - thick af
  2. stevie nicks man, her voice gives me life
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    Harry singing landslide with Stevie Nicks!! 2 legends on one stage!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😍😍😱

Last time, I wrote about my love for Stevie's album ROCK A LITTLE ("ROCK A LITTLE -- go on, Lilly").

Dean e-mailed to tell me (a) one "l" in Lily.  Good catch, Dean.  And (b) HD (I may have that wrong, it's Mark Cuban's channel) had the ROCK A LITTLE concert on last night.

He felt it was very timely.

He also wondered -- as did five others -- if Elaine and I had discussed Stevie yesterday?


I last spoke with Elaine on Sunday.

She wrote "You really do have to have friends" which is a great look at Stevie's songs.  She explains why she loves Stevie's songwriting.

It's a great post.

And we both love Stevie and talk music often.

But last night was just a 'crystal vision' for us both -- :D.

And Stevie's done a new track:

  1. Stevie nicks and Lana Del Rey have a song together and now I can die a fulfilled individual
  2. Lana Del Rey muses with collaborator and self-proclaimed “witchy sister” Stevie Nicks about her anthemic new album.
  3. *listening to the new Lana Del Rey album* Is that...Stevie Nicks? *checks* Yep that's Stevie Nicks.
  4. I want a remake of Mamma Mia with Stevie Nicks as Donna & Lana Del Rey as Sophie
  5. Lana Del Rey talks to about her fans, Stevie Nicks and Lust For Life
  6. Lana Del Rey AND Stevie Nicks?? I'm actually crying rn💔😭❤️
  7. lana del rey / beautiful people beautiful problems (ft. stevie nicks).
  8. How did I just find out that Stevie Nicks and Lana Del Rey did a song together????
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    Makes sense. I mean Lana is like a modern Stevie Nicks so... And yeah that's a favourable comparison. I like Lana Del Rey.
  10. This is probably my new favourite song, Stevie Nicks and Lana Del Rey I don't know if it could get better

Closing with C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

*movie preview voice* from the producers of Iraq War comes a new blood-soaked debacle, this time with *record scratch* real nuclear weapons

Eli Lake: "Leaving aside means and only looking at outcome, regime change for North Korea would be a great outcome from a humanitarian perspective."

It's as though the last fourteen years never happened or happened without Eli Lake.

Iraq had regime change.

There's been no benefit -- that's across the board but certainly when it comes to "a humanitarian perspective."

Iraq still lacks a stable government -- forget one that governs fairly.

It remains one of the most corrupt nations in the world.

Population wise, it's a young country now with a median age of 19.9 years.

It's a country of orphans in many respects due to the never-ending violence.

A country of widows and orphans.

Without an income + often with children to support, Mosul’s war widows are among most vulnerable displaced in :

Areas of Iraq will produce birth defects for decades due to the weapons used there.  (Used there by foreign forces -- the US-led coalition.)

Humanitarian includes medical and the US has bombed hospitals throughout the war as has the Iraqi government.  In addition, doctors have been repeatedly targeted and threatened leading to many of them fleeing the country.

The education system is as frayed as everything else from the war.  In the next 20 years, Iraq needs to build at least 20,000 schools as a result of many things including (a) the destruction of schools from bombings and (b) 'aid' that resulted in faulty construction.

I'm failing to see any benefits "from a humanitarian perspective."

And the Iraq War was supposed to be 'quick.'

Instead, it's 14 years later and still going.

: attacks army positions in the area of Diyuub in northern , kills several soldiers & burs 4 bulldozers.

In pictures: sharpshooters sneak up on Iraqi Army checkpoints near Tal Afar

This is Iraq right now:

US-backed Iraqi troops and militias assaulting and executing starved civilians found under the rubble in Old

Confused as to how this qualifies as a 'success' "from a humanitarian perspective."

Overturned Blackwater conviction evokes darkest days of Iraq War: | looks back to that day.

Darkest days?

What a load of nonsense.

THE WASHINGTON POST can call it the "darkest days" because it's a contractor and further removed from the US military.

Falluja in April or November of 2004.

The gang-rape and murder of Abeer by US soldiers.

The use of illegal weapons by the US-led coalition.

But Blackwater is the "darkest days"?

Far be it from THE WASHINGTON POST to ever call out the US government.

And speaking of which, shame on any US journalist writing about Blackwater today and still not telling reporters who was being protected.

Remember that?

Supposedly, a US official was being escorted by Blackwater that day.

All these years later, we can't even be told (a) if that was true and (b) if true, who it was?

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