Saturday, November 12, 2005

Laura Flanders Show on right now Holly Near, Barbara Kooyman and maybe Gloria Steinem

What makes me laugh? Apparently hearing people freak out.

I was on the phone with C.I. asking about the post on Flanders and offering to do it.

It was done, it was just a matter of getting it up to the site. And the problems . . .

It was easy for me to laugh (as C.I. cursed a blue streak) because it wasn't me. But right now, I'm typing and nothing's on the screen and I'm not a fast typist.

And that's getting on my nerves. Karma? Payback?

From The Common Ills:

The Laura Flanders Show:

On Air America Radio, 7-10 PM EST
We'll begin with Election Day success stories from Dover, Pennsylvania to the state of Maine, and we'll hear how California nurses stopped the Terminator in his tracks!
Plus some sobering news about what's sparked the flames in France, and the latest on US torture tactics at Guantanamo.
Then feminist heroes HOLLY NEAR and GLORIA STEINHEM join us Live in Studio.
And Timbuk 3's BARBARA KOOYMAN goes undercover on her latest album.
If you missed Laura's LIVE Broadcast from NEW ORLEANS last weekend - You can listen to it now: Download archived shows HERE
or Subscribe to the Free PODCAST through the iTunes Music StoreGo to the Laura Flanders Blog

Remember you can listen to The Laura Flanders Show via broadcast radio (if there's an AAR in your area), via XM Satellite Radio (channel 167) or listen online.

The show's on right now (and remember it airs on Sundays too, new episodes!). Laura Flanders is feeling blue tonight. I can relate. If you can cheer her up, call in. And listen, this is a great show. I say, in the title, maybe Gloria Steinem. She's listed as a guest tonight, but if Laura mentioned her, I missed it due to C.I.'s cursing ("It won't ___ post!"). I never heard the f-word used in so many varieties as C.I. kept getting error messages while attempting to get the posts up at the site.