Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Just checking in

Isaiah's latest entitled "." That made me laugh. (The movie's worth seeing too.) ( in case anyone's confused. is a hottie and I'm pulling for him to win the Oscar. My favorite photo of Jake remains the one Rebecca found that I posted here.)

So I called C.I. to compliment for the catch in "NYT: One sided 'reporting' (Neil A. Lewis)" and to ask if anything was going on this evening community wise that I should know? Yes, Betty's got a new chapter going up, I was told. It is up. It's called "Thomas Friedman's one moment of public truth."

What else? I'd recommend you read C.I. and Ava's "TV Review: Close To Home (and floating in the toilet)." As usual, they don't fluff. If you're one of the many sick of and his "morality/cautionary" tales, you'll want to check out their review of . I actually caught the episode they reviewed because Maggie was having a freak out and Toni and I were enlisted to be the friends in waiting steering her through. The TV was on and I won't add "in the background" because one hour is about all the patience I have for tears over a guy not calling -- one that you've never been out with, one who only exchanged phone numbers with you, and especially when it hasn't even been a week. So Mags had it on CBS and I caught the whole Friday lineup while mechanically saying, "No, it's not fair. Uh-huh. You are too good for him."

That series was so reactionary and so FLAT. 's will never be mistaken for the high quality of or even
but it is watchable and she's not doing a bad job herself. But Close to Home is beyond dull. Not even taking off his shirt could bring that sick puppy to life. However, I would gladly trade out Kane for the guy playing Hewitt's husband who looks like he just stepped out of a minivan while wearing a fanny pack.

I've been asked, "Where's the latest music review?" I'm working on two at once so it's going a little rougher than usual.

So give me time, I hope to have them finished by the end of the week if not sooner. In the meantime, I hope you're checking out Wally's stuff. The Daily Jot was always a good site but since he's revamped it, it's a laugh destination. I hope you're already checking it out but, if not, please start.