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  1. Jefferson Airplane co-founder and guitarist Marty Balin has died at age 76
  2. Marty Balin was an unsung singer & composer of enormous talent..Both with & without Grace Slick he kicked ass. He will stand the test of time here. ⁦⁩ Rock in Peace
  3. Bay Area music icon Marty Balin, co-founder of Jefferson Airplane, has died
  4. RIP Marty Balin: As a founding member of Jefferson Airplane, Balin contributed to the development of the psychedelic aesthetic of the late 60s and soundtracked the Summer of Love. He would go on to further success with Jefferson Starship and a solo career.
  5. RIP Marty Balin, the man behind some of the Jefferson Airplane/Starship’s most ethereal, yearning songs.