Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ruth tells it like it is and what's on Laura Flanders tonight

You know some of us are feeling bad about not being able to blog every day. And C.I. takes "off" Friday which means only three posts and Saturday rolls around and you've got what, sixty posts up there!

Seriously, I think there are seven. All worth reading. C.I., like Cher, just keeps rolling on. Or maybe Ruth's the Cher because she let's it all hang loose this morning in her Ruth's Morning Edition Report. Ruth, I hear you!!! I'm tired of people spitting on the peace movement too. Especially when they've done little to help it while they've benefitted from anti-war people supporting them. I saw Democracy Now! and was glad Amy Goodman asked him about the Mossad but I really don't think he fully answered the question.

I'm tired of the boys trying to prove their manhood by spitting on the peace movement. Glad Ruth called out Papantino too. It gets old. And they end up alienating the people who would normally listen to them while attempting to score with people that want to laugh at the anti-war movement.

It gets real old.

One thing that doesn't get old is the one and only Laura Flanders. I'm swiping this from C.I. because I got a few e-mails on the thing I did about Flanders' show last week.

"The Laura Flanders Show: Kate Clinton, Joan Wile of Grandmothers Against the War, James Ridgeway, Joe Strupp Rocky Anderson, Dave Cieslewicz"
We always note
The Laura Flanders Show in its own entry because it is a community favorite.(And thanks to Kat for doing last week's entry on it. Not only did Kat do a great job, she did it at the last minute when I realized there was no way I would be done volunteering in time. So thank you, Kat.) Rocky Anderson is the mayor of Salt Lake City, flashback, which had the big protest when Bully Boy visited at a time when he couldn't walk across his ranchetta to meet Cindy Sheehan who was camped out in Camp Casey at the time.

This Week on The Laura Flanders Show
On Air America Radio, 7-10 PM EST
As hurricanes Harriet, Fitzpatrick, and Wilma hit, we look at Mayors who are making change in challenging times, with Salt Lake City's ROCKY ANDERSON and Madison, Wisconsin's DAVE CIESLEWICZ.
We'll visit with a grandmother who got arrested trying to sign up for service in Iraq.
The Village Voices' JAMES RIDGEWAY and Editor and Publisher's JOE STRUPP consider what journalists did right and wrong this past week.
And we’ll have KATE CLINTON in studio to talk about her latest book, What the L?, and her USO tour... that's "Utah Seems Odd."
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