Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Gone, going, gone (not me; but it's dedicated to someone)

Cat got my tongue?


But I am laughing on the phone with that sexy bastard Jess.

I can't write laughing like this.

But I will tell people they should watch those blog rolls on community sites. Watch mine, oops, someone's gone. Gone at Third Estate Sunday Review, gone at The Daily Jot, . . .

Gone, going gone . . .

As Jack Johnson sings. In fact "Gone" (his version and the Black Eyed Peas) actually makes for a good dedication to someone.

She knows who she is.

So to her, I dedicate "Gone."

I'll have more when I'm done laughing -- and calling everyone I know.

In the meantime, sing "Gone" to yourself.

Or join Jess & I in our update on Poison: "Every olive branch has it's thorns . . ."