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    Tracy Chapman is reserved. Her songs are HER personal inner thoughts. You INVADED her privacy. She was furious w/her friend gave her demo to her father in A&R unbeknownst to her. NAS & Nicki you’ve been in the game long enough to know better! You gotta Apologize & PAY her!! KARMA
  2. Nicki Minaj sued by Tracy Chapman over un-cleared song use
  3. How tf you slander Tracy Chapman.... Young ass Nicki Minaj fans have no IDEA how important Tracy is.
  4. Tracy Chapman was minding her business and suddenly had thousands of unemployed Barbz calling her everything from irrelevant to ugly all because she wants HER OWN SONGS THAT SHE WROTE to be used HOW SHE WANTS THEM TO BE USED. I'm glad she's suing their ringleader.
  5. Tracy Chapman